15 years

Fifteen years ago today I walked into an office and  became a paid employee of the NHS, working for the now defunct Bath District Health Authority.

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7 Responses to 15 years

  1. Tom says:

    Did you buy anything nice to celebrate? I’m using the same (in a few weeks) as a thin disguise to get a new bike.

  2. matt says:

    that’s a long time!

  3. rich says:

    Not bought myself anything nice (yet), although I’ll be getting a new light once stuff arrives at the LBS.

  4. Father says:

    Does that mean that at last you’ve seen the light?

  5. rich says:

    Not yet, they aren’t in stock :)

  6. matt says:

    Is it the Hope light or the Exposure Maxx triple LED one?

    I like the look of the latter a lot.

  7. rich says:

    Probably a Hope Vision 4, LBS don’t (or won’t) stock USE stuff any more.