Back to work

Back to work today after an extended weekend off. Minor excitement was provided by someone breaking into the old school that forms part of our offices, leaving us a sausage roll and a pasty, and nicking the worst monitor in the building. Other than that it was dead quiet as a lot of people are on holiday at the moment.

It’s “Beer and DVD” night later, we’ll have to come up with something good to watch.

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5 Responses to Back to work

  1. matt says:

    Have you seen Pan’s Labyrinth yet?

  2. matt says:

    Hey! someone going by my name said it was good. wow. ;)

    is Robocop on the list?

  3. rich says:

    Nope. We’re working off a copy of this list from a few weeks ago.

  4. Father says:

    I have Casablanca, Brief Encounter and The African Queen when you need them! But where’s Au Pair Girls?