Didn’t get my meatballs

We headed out to Ikea last night in pursuit of a new armchair, after 12 years or so I’ve managed to wear the old one out, probably by sitting in it too much, nothing lasts these days.. Fortunately Ikea had one that I liked, in a size that would fit in the car, and more importantly a size that would fit through the front door and into the house (the last sofa and chair necessitated the removal of the front window).

The first thing we did when we got there was order the chair as you have to collect it later, they reckoned it’d be ready in 30-45 minutes, time to get some food. However the queue for the food was huge, so we did the rest of the shopping first. Heading back to the restaurant later the queue wasn’t any better, and wasn’t even moving, time for plan B.

After driving into what seemed the middle of nowhere we found the Ikea collection point, a very badly parked Discovery, and a queue. Thirty minutes later a plastic-wrapped chair-shaped object appeared on a trolley and soon made it’s way into the back of the car.

In lieu of the missing meatballs, we had to settle for picking up a curry on the way home.

The chair is still plastic-wrapped and sat on the floor in the dining room, I’ll endeavour to swap things around tonight before trying to get the old chair to the dump one morning. Then I need to go back to Ikea and order the matching 2-seat sofa taking advantage of their 0% credit for a year.

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  1. Matt says:

    I need to go to Ikea. I think I can *just* fit Expedit shelves in my car… will have to work out a time it won’t be busy :s