Wet weekend

Yet another in a long line of wet weekends. Friday night was spent supping ale in the local pub, and once everyone had surfaced on Saturday morning we headed off for a “Big Boy” breakfast at the local cafe. A trip into town followed breakfast where I managed to spend no money at all in HMV for a change, and fortunately got home before the rain started.

Late saturday evening I decided to take a quick shower. The shower itself was fine until I ran the bath tap to rinse the soapy water away. When I turned the tap off it seemed to forget it’s primary purpose, and the water kept running. I ended up removing the panels from the end of the bath to get at the ball valve in the pipe, whereupon I discovered that the ball valve had also forgotten what it was meant to do, and failed miserably to stop the water flowing. I ended up turning the tap off as much as possible and then shutting the door to mask the noise.

Father was duly summoned this morning where we replaced the washed in both bath taps and fitted a new valve which then proceeded to leak slightly. My “fixing” it made things worse, so another visit was required to refit the valve. It’s still seeping slightly but my “fixing” seems to be helping this time.

In between the plumbing and the rain I’ve made a start on my James Bond box set, and watched plenty of episodes of M*A*S*H which has given be a craving for a very dry Martini, mixed “five to one, five parts Gin and one moment’s silence for the Vermouth”. The Tuesday night video group is planning a “Martini and Medicine” evening as the first of a number of themed evenings.

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3 Responses to Wet weekend

  1. Matt says:

    I can’t remember the last time I had alcohol, must be almost a year now… I should rectify that at some point.

  2. Simon says:

    Careful Matt!

    I haven’t had alcohol for this month, I should rectify that at some point.

    Can’t believe you didn’t spend any money in HMV Rich, are you feeling ok?

  3. Matt says:

    I’ve just lost the taste for it, really, and it’s expensive.