Life behind bars

It’s time for yet another attempt at resurrecting the cross bike. I sort of fell out of love with it, and stopped riding it a year or two back, after deciding it was too short for me. However if I’m going to ride home with Ian a couple of nights a week, I need to bring it back into service.

The first job is to replace the bars. Currently it has fairly narrow Salsa Bell Laps fitted, after work today I picked up some Bontrager Race Lite VR bars in a super-wide 46cm. If they improve the position then I’ll swap the XT triple chainset for a compact Tiagra or something and fit a bigger cassette to keep the gearing the same. If they don’t improve the position then it’s probably time for a Surly Cross Check or similar.

I’ve got a day off work tomorrow, then I’m off to see the Levellers at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday night.

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2 Responses to Life behind bars

  1. Simon says:

    I never had the levellers down as a RAH type of band!

  2. rich says:

    It’s a 20th anniversary thing I think.