End of the holiday

My week off work is coming to an end following a week of doing very little. Last night was spent in the pub drinking with friends and trying to avoid the rain, and that was about it for the weekend. I didn’t ride a bike at all whilst I was off, I did take the Unit down to Cornwall with me but it stayed in the back of the X-Trail for the duration of the visit. My Hope Vision 4 light hasn’t arrived yet, so there won’t be any proper riding whilst I wait for that to turn up.

Padstow-Rock Ferry
The Padstow-Rock Ferry

Despite going back to work tomorrow I’m not actually in the office until Thursday, I get to spend the next three days in Swindon on a Business Analysis Essentials course, hopefully it’ll be more exciting than it sounds.


You never really know how much you take fast broad-band access for granted until you are stuck without it. If I’m away from home I can usually rely on fast 3G or EDGE access through my mobile phone, but down here in deepest darkest Padstow there’s nothing that fancy, so I’m stuck with something resembling old dial-up modem speeds. It’s not a pleasant experience.

Liquid Sunshine

After a rather soggy drive down, I’m currently in Padstow enjoying the liquid sunshine. Once Ethan has managed to put his jumper on and found a coat, we’re off to The Ship for liquid of a far more pleasant kind.

Still ill

I still have the lurgy, although it’s now somewhat better than it was a couple of days ago. I’ll probably end up going back to work tomorrow to infect everyone else, mainly because I’m going stir-crazy from having been stuck in the house since Friday evening.