You never really know how much you take fast broad-band access for granted until you are stuck without it. If I’m away from home I can usually rely on fast 3G or EDGE access through my mobile phone, but down here in deepest darkest Padstow there’s nothing that fancy, so I’m stuck with something resembling old dial-up modem speeds. It’s not a pleasant experience.

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3 Responses to Narrow-band

  1. Father says:

    We used to send postcards! They took almost as long as dial-up.

  2. Neil says:

    I was having a conversation with a colleague the other day about broadband etc, she’s a Pom as well. If it wasnt for broadband, then there is no way we would have been able to make the move to NZ and then I had a little panic thinking that if broadband from this tiny country failed for considerable time, I’d be cut off the rest of the world and have a little cry!

  3. Nick says:

    At least there’s a good fish & chip shop. It’s round the corner from Steins, advertising itself as the Fish & Chip shop the locals use. And don’t forget to visit the National Lobster Hatchery too.