Acronym overdose

I’m two days into my Business Analysis Essentials course and suffering from acronym overdose. So far we’ve met things like MOST, SMART, PESTLE, SWOT, BOSCARD, RACI, CATWOE, and BAM. Occasionally I can even remember what some of them mean.

We’ve got one morning of teaching left followed by an exam tomorrow afternoon.

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5 Responses to Acronym overdose

  1. Father says:

    No concentrated recycled animal protein then?

  2. Steve says:

    Nothing worse than too many TLA’s.

  3. MikeD says:

    Of those, I know SWOT and that’s it.

    Oh, and TLA isn’t actually one :-)

  4. rich says:

    I got told off for being too pedantic when I pointed that out during the course :)

  5. Matt says:

    i notice TOSS is missing ;)