The rear of the 69er now has a 10mm RWS skewer instead of a normal sized one which should hopefully cure or reduce the creaking. The Bontrager branded DT Swiss hubs obviously aren’t exactly the same as the DT Swiss 240s as I had to grind one of the spacers down slightly for it to fit properly. Test ride later, maybe.

Light and Motion Seca 700 Race

Tonight was the first ride with my new lights, and I’m very impressed. By turning them on in "race mode" a quick press of the button flicks the light between high (700 lumens) and low (175 lumens). Low is more than adequate when there are other sources of light such as street lights, and high is just superb when it gets darker. Hopefully they’ll prove to be more reliable than my previous lights.

One downside is that it interferes with my cordless computer and stops it working, hopefully it won’t affect the GPS when I get around to fitting that as a replacement.

Let there be light

A trip to the LBS today saw a set Light & Motion Seca 700 Race lights come home with me, I’d finally got bored with waiting for the Hope lights to arrive so bit the bullet. They’ve been charged, briefly tested in a dark house, and weather permitting will be christened on Wednesday evening.

I also fitted a slightly longer stem to the Unit to go with the H-Bars, and thanks to the summer flooding of Chain Reaction have ordered the parts to convert the Bontrager Race X-Lite wheel on the back of the 69er to 10mm RWS bolt-through which is rumoured to cure the annoying creaking.

The rest of the day was spent playing Lego Batman which is fantastic, almost as good as Lego Star Wars, and far far better than Lego Indiana Jones.