Bellowhead – Roadmender, Northampton

It was a rather soggy start to the night despite the forecast for fine weather so we ended up queuing outside in the rain for a while. Inside the Roadmender was absolutely packed, but we managed to find a spare bit of wall near the front to prop ourselves against.

The stage at the Roadmender isn’t the biggest thing in the world, and proved to be slightly cramped for the 11-piece Bellowhead and slightly restricted their on-stage antics, however they still put on a superb show.


Jack Robinson
Whiskey is the Life of Man
Spectre Review
I Drew my Ship Across the Harbour
Widow’s Curse
If you will not have me, you may let me go
Fakenham Fair
Roll Her Down the Bay
Bruton Town
Unclothed Nocturnal Manuscript Crisis
Trip to Bucharest/The Flight of the Folk Mutants Parts 1&2
Cholera Camp
Rochdale Coconut Dance
Sloe Gin

London Town
Frog’s Legs and Dragon’s Teeth

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