Well that’s christmas done for another year

I’ve eaten and drunk far too much, and that’s about it really. After spending several hours on Sunday playing Mario Kart on the Wii I decided I had to have one, but luckily all the shops round here are out of stock so I’ve not been able to buy one, something for which my bank account is eternally grateful.
Work has been very quiet so far apart from the box which part-broke on Boxing Day causing me to come to work, which then broke properly once when I came back in yesterday. I’m now waiting for a replacement to wing it’s way from Scotland.

It’s a short day at work tomorrow, then I’m off for the rest of the week. Lots of sleep is in order I think.

Christening Uncle John

A broken proxy server at work meant I got to take the Uncle John out on a trip into work this morning. Other than a minor tweak to the angle of the saddle, it feels fantastic. I didn’t even have to adjust the saddle height from the guesstimate I used when I built it. I might treat it to a nice shiny Thomson stem at some point for no reason other than they look good.

Boxing Day at work

Uncle John is sat on the sofa

I finally collected the new frame today and it’s now been unboxed, sat on the sofa, and looks massive. I still need a few parts such as forks, a SFN, and a new band for the front mech before I can think about starting to build it. Hopefully everything else from the XO will swap straight over with no troubles.

Uncle John


I seem to have had a day of finding things. So far I’ve found

  • the house keys that went missing three or four months ago, which turned out to be caught up in the seal around the washing machine door.
  • enough cable inners and outer to probably recable every bike I’ve ever owned, soon to be added to by the new cable set I ordered for the Uncle John.
  • three boxes of christmas cards left over from last year which will go nicely with the box and a bit left from this year. No doubt I’ll find them again this time next year just in time to add more to the pile.