Waterson:Carthy and Guests – Frost and Fire – Komedia, Bath

The ticket for this was an early birthday present. After eating our fill in Nandos we headed for my first visit to Komedia, a converted old cinema in town. On stage tonight were Waterson:Carthy with Mike Waterson standing in for his pregnant niece Eliza Carthy, along with Lauren McCormick, Emily Portman and Jim Causley. We were presented with about 100 minutes of traditional Christmas tunes, and more than a few bad jokes. Mike Waterson took on the role of the stereotypical folk singer, in woolly jumper, flat cap, pint of ale on hand, and a finger in the ear whilst singing. Plenty of references were made to Yorkshire carol singing which would have kept Father happy, but we were only blessed with one version of “While Shepherds Watched”.

A very civilised evening washed down with plenty of red wine.

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2 Responses to Waterson:Carthy and Guests – Frost and Fire – Komedia, Bath

  1. Father says:

    I think I have 9 different versions of ‘While shepherds …..’ I will get them out for tonight. I know how much you enjoy them.

  2. rich says:

    They said last night that the person collecting different versions stopped at 165 or so.