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#15 – Goodfellas

Another recent BluRay purchased to replace a flipper DVD, and the second Scorsese film in a row. What more can I say about it? If you’ve seen it already you know how good it is, if you haven’t seen it … Continue reading

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Do they mean me?

6 Election of Officers: a. President – Committee Recommendation:- Richard Wood Esq. Apparently they do.

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Noise annoys

The DVD drive in this Lenovo laptop is fairly noisey, which is pretty annoying when you’re trying to watch DVDs on it. I should have ripped them to the HD first.

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Burns Night -1

Haggis, neeps, and tatties. You can’t beat it.

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#44 – The Departed

Another excellent film from Scorsese, and this BluRay version is helped by not being a flipper like my DVD. 23/250

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Paranoid? Me?

In the interests of experimentation, I’ve encrypted the hard drive of my big laptop using TrueCrypt, partly to see how it works, and partly because I’m doing the ISEB Certificate in Information Security Management Principles course next week so I … Continue reading

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Hot hot hot

For the first time in ages I’ve cooked a huge amount of Chili, although after tasting it I think I may have overdone the Tabasco a touch…

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#71 – Der Untergang

That’s “Downfall” for the germanically challenged. Popularised by many a viral-video on the interweb, it covers the last days of Hitler in his bunker in Berlin. 22/250

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Planet Earth

I’m sat watching Planet Earth on Blu-ray and it looks absolutely superb. This is what Blu-ray was made for, and a bargain at just under £20 for 5 discs.

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Who let the cats out?

After several weeks of confinement, I’ve let Mulder and Scully out of the house again. I wonder if they’ll disappear for several months like last time?

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