Bellowhead – Komedia, Bath

To be honest, the stage was too small for the massed ranks of Bellowhead, the lighting seemed designed to make it impossible to see the band, and the sound was a bit shit to start with, but as always with Bellowhead it was a superb night involving plenty of silly dancing.

They also played a couple of tracks I’ve not heard before tonight, but Steve was upset that they didn’t play Jordan.

Yarmouth Town
Trip to Bucharest/The Flight of the Folk Mutants Parts I & II
Whiskey is the Life of Man
I Drew My Ship Across the Harbour
Cold Blows the Wind
Hopkinson’s Favourite
Fakenham Fair
Haul Away
Prickle Eye Bush
Unclothed Nocturnal Manuscript Crisis
Cholera Camp
Rochdale Coconut Dance
Fire Marengo
Sloe Gin

London Town

Frog’s Legs and Dragon’s Teeth

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2 Responses to Bellowhead – Komedia, Bath

  1. Jon Bateman says:

    We’ve just got tickets to take Saul to see S&B at the end of March… I’m hoping it’ll no be as “folky-sitdowny” as the last time we saw them as we won’t be able to keep him in his seat ;-)

  2. rich says:

    I’ve going to see then in Bristol a couple of days after you.

    It was a bit sitydowny (or in my case propupthebary) when I saw them last summer, but I think that was down to the venue really.