Full frame fun with a 5D

This thing is nice. Slightly larger and heftier than the 30D, and compared with the crop cameras the viewfinder is superb. I’ve not really had a chance to play with it much yet, other than a quick test shot taken at ISO3200 which is remarkably clean, even before attacking it with Noise Ninja.

5D, ISO3200, with Noise Ninja
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7 Responses to Full frame fun with a 5D

  1. Matt says:

    Staggering quality

    now, tell me, what are those shelves?
    I thought they were billy’s but they seem to have too many shelves/wrong design.

  2. rich says:

    They are Benno units, apparently they match the Billy stuff.

  3. Matt says:

    ahh benno, can’t see similar on Ikea’s site, maybe they changed the style.
    I might go with Expedit or Lack.

  4. Matt says:

    but but but but…
    have you removed shelves? the proportions look all wrong maybe it’s the wide angle lens?

    looks like I’ll have to go to Ikea this week, the http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/50103086 expedit offer ends at end of month.

  5. rich says:

    The shelves are adjustable, and they come with enough to leave space for CDs. As I’m using them to hold DVDs, I’m not using all of the shelves.

  6. Matt says:

    AH I think the wide angle threw me off. 20cm is too narrow for my requirements, and I don’t have many dvds, mostly need to store larger items, ta for info!