Do you think I’ve got enough camera kit?

Too much kit?
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5 Responses to Do you think I’ve got enough camera kit?

  1. Tom says:

    Is it like bikes? N+1 but multiplied into bodies, and types of lenses?

  2. Steve says:

    Plus the camera you took the photo with.

  3. Father says:

    A good friend of mine, young Mick, told me on a gig in Keighley, that a man cannot have too many toys. That was when I only had 5 guitars. I now have 8 and am looking for the Red SG to complete my set of 9! On the other hand I only have 3 cameras and 5 lenses. And NO bikes

  4. rich says:

    There’s two cameras missing from the photo. The S70 and the G9.

  5. Olly says:

    Needs more compact cameras. And a cameraphone.