Starting with a bang

Yesterday was Al’s stag do. It actually started Friday night with a “quick pint” in the pub, which was notable for not being quick, and involving rather more than a pint. Saturday was started in a slightly fragile state with a carbo-loading massive fried breakfast. Once this was out of the way we headed off over to Hunstrete to go laser shooting, however when we got there I drove past the entrance and stopped, Ryan stopped beind me, and Dan didn’t stop at all, hitting the back of Ryan’s car and shunting it into the back of mine.

Dan’s car wouldn’t start again and came back to Bath courtesy of the AA, Ryan’s car was somewhat shorter than intended and went away on the back of a low-loader, and mine was still drivable so came home under it’s own steam. It’s due to be collected sometime soon to go away for repair, and will be temporarily replaced with a hire car.

After waiting for the other cars to be recovered and dealing with all the insurance faffage we finally caught the train over to Bristol and started the proper drinking, aided partly by the 99p drinks offers in Weatherspoons. Much beer and tequila was quaffed over the course of the afternoon and evening, with a brief pause for food and Margaritas in Las Iguanas. We ended the night at Jongleurs before heading home in a minibus. I eventually fell into bed at 3am at which point it would probably have been a good idea to turn my alarm clock off.

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