Back problems are back.

Standing up for too long at the St George’s Day activities on Saturday wrecked my back again, at one point on Sunday I had to resort to crawling across the room as I couldn’t get up. However two days of painkillers and rest and it’s pretty much back to normal again, and after an hour at the Doctors this morning my painkillers have been restocked for the next few months.

Gun Carriage Racing

All good things come to an end

My two weeks off work is finally coming to an end, and to be honest I’ve enjoyed it so much I don’t really want to go back. However I’d soon run out of money if I just stayed at home all the time, so back to work I must go.

I’m also nearing the end of my two-week run through of Battlestar Galactica, it looks like it’ll be a good finale.

First road ride of the year

Just a quick spin out on the road bike today to try out my new disco slippers. The cleats need a minor adjustment, and they could probably do with a slightly thicker insole as I’m part way between sizes. I only rode out along the Bristol-Bath cycle track as far as Bitton and back, a quick 12 miles in mostly glorious sunshine with a brief stop to wave at the empty steam train.

Steam Train

A partly productive day

Did some washing.
Watched some Family Guy – seen them before.
Watched Red Dwarf part 3 – utter rubbish.
Watched Primeval – which Cutter died?
Watched CSI:NY – bit dull.
Ate first Easter egg (of two).
Rebuilt 456
Crushed tip of thumb with a hammer – painful blood blister.
Power washed chairs, bench, and decking to remove cat vomit.
Rebuilt 456 again, this time with the forks the right way round.