Spiers & Boden – The Thekla, Bristol

A fairly quiet Thekla tonight, probably 80 or so people in there to see Spiers & Boden. Given the fact that the Thekla is a boat, there were plenty of nautical references throughout the evening. A musically excellent evening, slightly spoiled by groups of people stood at the bar talking loudly rather than paying any attention to the music and drowning it out at times. The support band couldn’t make it, so were replaced by Jim Moray playing around with a laptop and iTunes.

Tom Padget
The Old Lancashire Hornpipe / The Third Beekeeper
The Birth of Robin Hood
Three Tunes
Sportman’s Hornpipe
Brown Adam
Jiggery Pokerwork / Haul Away / Seven Stars
Captain Ward

The Rochdale Coconut Dance
Bold Sir Rylas
Cheshire Waltz
Child Morris
The Rain it Rains
Sloe Gin Set: Frozen Gin / Vinegar Reel / The Sloe
Princess Royal / Cuckoo’s Nest
Old Maui

Innocent When You Dream

Prickle Eye Bush (with Jim Moray on guitar)

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1 Response to Spiers & Boden – The Thekla, Bristol

  1. Jon Bateman says:

    Saw them on Monday in York (Black Swan Folk Club at the National Centre for Early Music). Local support – I think I’d have preferred Jim Moray’s tinkering! Set looks almost the same – Saul stayed awake until the end, which was a good thing as he’d requested Prickle Eye Bush and got a mention :-)

    No chance of any “noise”… all very serious and po-faced.. why can’t people look happier at folk gigs? ;-)