A partly productive day

Did some washing.
Watched some Family Guy – seen them before.
Watched Red Dwarf part 3 – utter rubbish.
Watched Primeval – which Cutter died?
Watched CSI:NY – bit dull.
Ate first Easter egg (of two).
Rebuilt 456
Crushed tip of thumb with a hammer – painful blood blister.
Power washed chairs, bench, and decking to remove cat vomit.
Rebuilt 456 again, this time with the forks the right way round.

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2 Responses to A partly productive day

  1. Tom says:

    Well done. I’ve only managed to straighten mine the wrong way round before but I had just hit the floor and they were a dual arch type.

  2. rich says:

    I didn’t notice until I put the bike away again and wondered why the brake caliper was in the wrong place :)