Red Dwarf: Back to Earth pt 3

4/10 again.

Somehow even more predictable than part 2, but not quite as bad. Did anyone not guess the ending within about 15 minutes of the start of part 1?

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2 Responses to Red Dwarf: Back to Earth pt 3

  1. Matt says:

    I recorded all of these, then promptly deleted them all when I remembered that Red Dwarf wasn’t actually very funny, it’s British, it’ll probably be sh*t.

    Glad I didn’t waste time watching them :)

  2. grant says:

    It was…………..disappointing. Just ripped itself off and did the whole halucination thing again.

    Unanswered questions too, like there was a season missing (as referenced when they were on “Earth”…..season IX….).

    The start of these eps didn’t fit with the end of season VIII. Wikipedia claims that they maybe continued from the alternate ending of season VIII, on the DVD but not seen on TV.