20th Anniversary

It was 20 years ago today (I think) that I bought my first MTB. It wasn’t my first foray off-road, I’d already spent a couple of years riding a converted road-bike round endless laps of Rainbow Woods.

Originally I wanted a Saracen Tufftrax but wasn’t allowed to buy that and had to get a 23" Raleigh Memphis from Hares in Moorland Road, now The Velo Lounge. I had it for two years, broke one frame, bent a set of forks, but rode it everywhere until I replaced it with the first of two Alpinestars bikes.

I’ve now owned 13 different MTBs over the years:

  • Raleigh Memphis
  • Alpinestars Cro-Mega (x2)
  • Orange Clockwork
  • Univega 704
  • On-One Inbred
  • Cove Stiffee
  • Planet-X Jack Flash
  • Craftworks FRM125
  • Kona Kaboom
  • Kona Unit
  • On-One 456
  • Trek 69er

9 of those are still in my possession in one form or another.

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2 Responses to 20th Anniversary

  1. Father says:

    If inly you had been allowed to by the Tufftrax things might have been so different? I blame your Mother! And does that list include all those stolen bikes at Leeds Uni? 2 in 3 weeks at one stage I seem to recall. And my insurance had to keep buying the next model up because the equivalent had been discontinued!

  2. rich says:

    It was the two Alpinestars bikes that got stolen, the Orange Clockwork was the final replacement.