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A Welsh Weekend

Good weather, good beer, good food, good riding, good friends. All in all it was good.

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The start of a new bike

A nice shiny new chainset has arrived in the post, I could build a bike round this :)

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You can tell it’s Glastonbury weekend

It’s raining :(

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23.5 miles on the crossbike tonight out to Bradford-on-Avon and back. It was fantastically hot and sunny, and very very dusty.

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The seatpost was still slipping slightly on the 456 tonight, so I’ve replaced the Thomson post with the best post in the world ever, a Raceface XY. Time will tell if it’s an improvement or not.

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22.5 months

That’s how long it’s been since I rode a geared mountain bike off road, gears aren’t really necessary round here, but they do make the first 20 minutes of climbing out of the valley slightly easier. I just did the … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the Joneses

The aging Nokian NBX tyres I’ve been running on the 456 for a while have been replaced with a new set of Bontrager Jones ACX tyres in a generous 2.35" size. This is a fairly unremarkable event, but gave me … Continue reading

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Tommystock – Cheese and Grain, Frome

Tonight was a benefit gig for the family of the late Tommy Tee. The doors opened an hour or so late forcing us to drink beer in the pub beforehand. Once we’d finally been let in the running list was … Continue reading

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This one sneaked in under the radar

I picked up a couple of jars to try tonight.

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Things I learned today

Riding home on a bike with the seat at it’s absolute lowest is not a comfortable experience.

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