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#123 – Donnie Darko

A special request from Dan tonight as he’s away and can’t stand this film. 40/250

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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


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Fromage en Feu – Polish Club, Bristol

Tonight was the album launch party/gig for Ryan’s band Fromage en Feu. I won’t attempt to explain the music other than to say it’s the first time I’ve danced like a loon to the music from Tetris.

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Time is an illusion, lunch time doubly so

Tonight’s TV viewing was the entire The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy TV series. The first time I’ve seen it for years, it’s still as good as ever.

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How to ruin a brand in one easy step

Re-brand your website like this:

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#66 – Aliens

I can’t even remember if I’ve seen this or not, but the box was open, so I’ve probably seen it. 39/250

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Film night

Watchmen Director’s Cut in Maximum Movie Mode, followed by the three documentaries on the extras disc, followed by Dark City Director’s Cut, followed in due course by bed.

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#51 – Alien

A film I’ve only ever actually seen once, well twice after tonight. 38/250

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Time travel invented in Weston village.

According to the sign in the door of the local post office, it closed temporarily on 22nd September 2009.

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Christening a bike

Following the end of todays TdF stage I headed out to christen the Trek 69er 3×9 on my usual Uni route. Other than forgetting it had gears occasionally, it was a superb ride. The bike handled like a dream, the … Continue reading

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