Fairport’s Cropredy Convention 2009 – Cropredy

This year we did the full three-days at Cropredy, heading up on the Thursday morning for the 4pm start. The weather was a lot better this year, sunny on Thursday and Saturday, and overcast on the Friday. Due to this I came home with a sunburn rather than soaking wet kit which made a nice change from last year.

A few brief comments on the bands.

Harlequin – Too much talking, and too much Michael Jackson
4 Square – Good
Ken Nichol and Phil Cool – Rubber Faced Irritant
Buzzcocks – Raucous, load, shouty, fantastic
Steve Winwood – No idea, I went to bed

ColvinQuarmby – Irritatingly over-enthusiastic twat, death by jazz-hands.
Megan and Joe Henwood – Good
Scott Matthews – Thom Yorke does folk, badly.
The Bad Shepherds – Fantastic
John Jorgensen Band – Fret-wank frenzy
The Dodge Brothers – Skiffle-tastic
Richard Thompson – Superb
Seth Lakeman – Accomplished

Richard Digence – The usual songs, the usual jokes. Amusing start to the day
Churchfitters – Eclectic selection of instruments
Feast of Fiddles – What a lot of fiddlers
Dreadzone – Sunny fun, very good, fitted in surprisingly well.
Nik Kershaw – We now know who is to blame for Chesney Hawkes.
Ralph McTell – Good, played his one hit fairly early on.
Fairport Convention & Friends – Very good as always, guest spots from Yusuf, Richard Thompson and others.

Cropredy 2009 photos

Sealed Knot

The Sealed Knot were down at Weston Super Mare for a weekend of drinking beer, and the occasional re-enactment. Originally I was going to get a temporary membership for the weekend, but a few people dropped out so we settled for a day visit today. We spent a few hours on the beach watching explosions, then headed back stopping off for an ice-cream on the way.


More photos: Sealed Knot – August 2009

Singing Sealed Knot Society, let’s see you try and do this one:
Luton Town – Millwall, nineteen eighty-five

Half Man Half Biscuit – Uffington Wassail

Sunny, with a hint of mud

Out on the 69er 3×9 again today, a minor tweak of the bar height part way round made things feel a lot better. I really ought to change the forks over to 100mm travel at some point in the future. Lovely and sunny out, but still quite muddy in places thanks to all the rain we’ve had in recent days. The Small Block 8 tyres don’t work quite so well in the slippery stuff.