The holiday starts here

Actually it started at 15:30 yesterday when I finished work, but today was my first day off, and was spent in a suitable holiday style. After a leisurely brunch in Velo Lounge we headed up to Lansdown en-mass to go kite flying, however the wind conspired against us, and I think Dan got the only decent 5-minute flying time. Following some more concerted relaxing at home, I popped into town and came home with a shiney new iPhone 3GS to replace my aging Nokia, the rest of the day has been spent drinking beer and playing around with the iPhone to get it set up properly.

Tomorrow will be a day of relaxing doing very little, and on Sunday a group of us are off to see the Sealed Knotters down on Weston Super Mare beach for the afternoon.

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1 Response to The holiday starts here

  1. Father says:

    If you Google ‘sealed knotters’ your blog comes up 5th!
    If you try ‘Fromage en feu’ you get 6th!
    But the Hawker Demon is only 54th.
    Alex might like to use your optimisation skills!!