Blue Sky Riding

The clear blue skies at lunch time were enough to tempt me out on the first post-work bike ride in what seems like an age. Even the cloud cover that had descended by the time I got home from work wasn’t enough to put me off.

I retrieved the geared 69er from it’s hiding place, filled the Camelbak and headed out on my usual Uni route. The lack of recent riding made the climb out of the valley hard work, and at one point I had to suffer the ignominy of being overtaken by a jogger. Things got a bit better after that, although not appreciably faster. A quick stop off in Bathampton to drop off my latest CRB check form and I was back home again with tingling legs just before the sun set behind the hills.

Push it real good

A few days ago Google finally enabled push email for iPhones via Google Sync. I was already using it to push my contacts and calendar across, but had to fall back to IMAP for mail. After a few false starts where I couldn’t get push email working at all, and temporarily losing all my contacts and calendar in the process, it’s now pushing mail across to my phone almost instantly.

All in all it’s a fairly pointless exercise given that I read all my email through mutt and an SSH session, but it’s a nice geeky thing to set up and play with.

Replacement wheels

It’s amazing what difference a change of wheels can make.

I finally got around to replacing the rather worn out wheels on my Ribble last night for some spares I found lurking in a dark corner of the cellar, and it’s transformed the bike completely. It’s now virtually silent and doesn’t wobble disconcertingly like it used to.

L Frenzy

When I started spending a bit more money on camera kit a few years ago I avoided what I considered the overly expensive Canon L lenses and picked up a few cheaper Sigma EX lenses. However it wasn’t going to be possible for me to resist the red ring for ever.

Marc started me off on the slippery slope last year by selling me a 300/4 L IS for a very good price, this soon became invaluable at various air displays. Then earlier this year I picked up a 5D along with a 24-105/4 L IS kit and this soon became my favourite lens.

I was quite happy with my two L lenses until a few weeks ago when Simon decided to offer me his 17-40/4 L, and I followed it up this week with a 100-400 L IS to complete my current quartet. I can’t see me needing any more L lenses now, however there’s always the possibility that a 70-200/2.8 L IS will tempt me to open my wallet again…