Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine – O2 Academy, Bristol

A couple of strange support bands opened the night. The first, Phlegm, played in their underwear which was slightly disconcerting, and the second, Los Conios, included a human lampshade and a street sweeper on stage.

Eventually it was time for the main act. Jello is still as animated on stage as ever, even diving off the stage for a spot of crowd-surfing during a couple of songs. Through the night they played a large number of tracks from their forthcoming album Audacity of Hype, along with the songs originally done with The No WTO Combo and Dead Kennedys classics like California Uber Alles (rewritten for Governor Schwarzenegger), Let’s Lynch the Landlord, Holiday in Cambodia, and Bleed for Me.

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