Blue Sky Riding

The clear blue skies at lunch time were enough to tempt me out on the first post-work bike ride in what seems like an age. Even the cloud cover that had descended by the time I got home from work wasn’t enough to put me off.

I retrieved the geared 69er from it’s hiding place, filled the Camelbak and headed out on my usual Uni route. The lack of recent riding made the climb out of the valley hard work, and at one point I had to suffer the ignominy of being overtaken by a jogger. Things got a bit better after that, although not appreciably faster. A quick stop off in Bathampton to drop off my latest CRB check form and I was back home again with tingling legs just before the sun set behind the hills.

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1 Response to Blue Sky Riding

  1. Simon says:

    Woohoo, well done :)
    You should have run the jogger over, pesky things. Glad you got a bit of sunny, wet up here :(