Bellowhead – Cheese and Grain, Frome

Support tonight came from the duo Belshazzars Feast, one of whom, Paul Sartin, comprises one eleventh of Bellowhead. Their repertoir included Mozart, Music for a Found Harmonium, and the “Just One Cornetto” advert.

The mass ranks of Bellowhead took took the stage for what turned out to be probably the best sounding gig I’ve been to at the Cheese and Grain. Usually the sound is quite muddy, but tonight everything sounded crisp and clear tonight.

Roll Her Down the Bay
Trip to Bucharest / The Flight of the Folk Mutants, Parts 1 & 2
Fakenham Fair
Cold Blows the Wind
Unclothed Nocturnal Manuscript Crisis
Cholera Camp
Whisky is the Life of Man
Northern Frisk
The Handweaver and the Factory Maid
Kafoozalum / The Priest’s Miss
A Begging I Will Go
Rochdale Coconut Dance
Jiggery Pokerwork / Haul Away / Seven Stars
Fire Marengo
Sloe Gin

London Town

Frogs Legs and Dragons Teeth

Tomorrow night we’re off to Gloucester to see The Bad Shepherds.

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