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New Model Army – The Junction, Cambridge

Back to the venue where I first saw New Model Army five years ago. A superb night as always, the new songs sound superb live, and it was nice to hear plenty of tracks from┬áThunder and Consolation 20 years after … Continue reading

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Falling out of love

I’m not entirely sure how it happened, although a wrecked back has a lot to do with it, but over the last few years I’ve fallen out of love with riding bikes for fun. I still ride to and from … Continue reading

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Beaujolais Nouveau

Celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau day has been something of a Wood tradition for many years. Steak and chips washed down with the first wine of the year, generally followed by profiteroles. It’s been that way as long as I can remember … Continue reading

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A good start to a delivery

12 Nov 2009 03:46:06 AM NEWHAVEN DEPOT UK Possible delay in delivery due to arrival at incorrect carrier facility 11 Nov 2009 01:28:30 PM PRIME SORT UK Arrival Scan 10 Nov 2009 12:00:00 AM WEB CUSTOMER UK Shipment has left … Continue reading

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Basement to Beechen Cliff

You get a good feeling when you walk past the local bookshop and see something you’ve worked on for the last year or so displayed in the window. Rumour has it that it’s currently in third place in their best-seller … Continue reading

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Oink Oink

After queuing for an hour or so, I’ve now been vaccinated against swine flu and the normal seasonal flu. The downside is that both shoulders now ache slightly where they gave me the injections. It does however mean that I … Continue reading

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Padstow in the rain

I’m back from a few days in a rather moist Padstow with ill people. Pasties were eaten, ale was quaffed, and much relaxing took place. I also spent far too much money in The Whistlefish Gallery, so will need to … Continue reading

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Over Excited Apple

Apple seem very excited with the news that I’ve bought a MacBook Pro, they’ve just sent me 5 emails thanking me for registering it. I’m aware that the conversion of a windows stalwart over to OS-X is a monumentous occasion, … Continue reading

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Going over to the other side

I have finally gone over to the other side, something I never thought would happen. Yesterday I went and bought an Apple Mac, more precisely a MacBook Pro MB990 for a well discounted, but still fairly obscene price. Just for … Continue reading

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