Over Excited Apple

Apple seem very excited with the news that I’ve bought a MacBook Pro, they’ve just sent me 5 emails thanking me for registering it.

I’m aware that the conversion of a windows stalwart over to OS-X is a monumentous occasion, and one worth celebrating, but one email would have sufficed.

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4 Responses to Over Excited Apple

  1. Father says:

    They can’t believe it either!

  2. Nick says:

    I can’t believe you were a Windows stalwart in the first place.

    I’d have pegged you as Linux. Just shows that you can’t trust a beard as a judge of OS loyalties :)

  3. rich says:

    I’ve had FreeBSD and more recently Ubuntu servers running for years, but never really got on with either of them as a desktop OS.

  4. Ni says:

    Oddly enough I have a Linux desktop (CentOS 5.1) and administer a bunch of WIndows Servers.