Padstow in the rain

I’m back from a few days in a rather moist Padstow with ill people. Pasties were eaten, ale was quaffed, and much relaxing took place. I also spent far too much money in The Whistlefish Gallery, so will need to rearrange my pictures at some point.



More photos: Padstow, November 2009

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1 Response to Padstow in the rain

  1. Nick says:

    I can’t ever recall Padstow in the sun, visits are usually reserved for when we are nearby at Harlyn and fancy fish for tea, when we’ll head to the excellent fishmongers on the quay. They’re not part of the Rick Sten monopoly, but get so many tourists in there they’ve had to put signs up asking people not to poke the fish that’s for sale.

    Actually going in and buying fish counts as tourist entertainment. “Look dear, that man is ordering the John Dory and some samphire, do you think comesone does this at 3 o’clock every day?”