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iPad missing the iPoint?

Apple have today announced the iPad which will come as a surprise to absolutely nobody at all. It seems to me to be nothing more than an iPod Touch on Viagra. Admittedly it’s got a nice big 9.7″ screen, and … Continue reading

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Must get out more.

I was watching an episode of Chuck last night, and at one point Chuck walks into a room full of racks Dell servers with flashing orange lights on the front. My first thought was "they really ought to sort those … Continue reading

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My own 365 project

For some unknown reason, I’ve decided to see if I can watch an average of one film per day this year. It’s proving quite easy whilst the weather is bad and there’s nothing on telly, but will no doubt get … Continue reading

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#176 – Groundhog Day

Haven’t we seen this before? 57/250

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Avatar 3D


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#163 – Children of Men

The fourth film of the day, and my twelfth of the year. I wonder if I can average a film per day over the course of the year? I’ve seen Children of Men before, not long after it came out … Continue reading

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Gibberish emails

I think Quidco need someone to translate their emails into English before sending them out. It’s time to start the year the last 10 months but not afresh, and pay the lowest bought since Nov 09 possible price…

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Ice Ice Baby

Thanks to the passage of cars during the day my road is now solid ice end to end. Riding up it on the 69er was an interesting experience with the Small Block 8 clad rear wheel spinning at every opportunity. … Continue reading

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Car = Fail, Bike = Win

I decided to drive to work for a change this morning. The roads are fairly clear once you get out onto the main roads, and I suspected the car parks would be empty at work today, however my plan was … Continue reading

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At long last we got some real snow here, there was about an inch or so at home, and a bit more than that at the office. I rode in as normal, the crisp snow on the quiet roads and … Continue reading

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