Back to Avoncliff

Tonight was the first evening ride with Ian for quite a while. I rode as far as Avoncliff then turned round and headed back home again, a round trip of just under 20 miles. There must be some sort of weird phenomenon alongside the Kennet and Avon canal which messes with shifting. My front mech shifted perfectly on the way into to town, but as soon as we rode up onto the canal towpath it refused to shift back into the big ring and took a good couple of minutes of fiddling to get it to work. After that I just left it in the big ring for the rest of the ride.

The biggest problem tonight was the cold. My winter tights don’t fit properly, but probably wouldn’t have been much better, and despite thick Merino socks, shoes, and toe covers, I still lost feeling in a few toes.

The warm weather can’t come soon enough.

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1 Response to Back to Avoncliff

  1. Simon says:

    Yeah, I could definitely do with some warm weather. At least the sun has been out :)