Keeping up with the Joneses

My current favourite all-round MTB tyres are the Bontrager Jones ACX in varying flavours, however in their infinite wisdom Bontrager have  stopped making them. This leaves me with something of a conundrum, what should I buy instead for the 69er?

The rear tyre isn’t too much of a problem, I’ll probably get a 2.2" XR4, but what do I get for the front? There isn’t a 29" version of the XR4, so I’m left to pick between the 29-3, 29-4 (which isn’t on the Bontrager website), the FR3 or the last Jones ACX hanging on the wall at the LBS provided they haven’t sold it in the last few days.

Why can’t they make things easy and bring back the ACX?

Update: Decision made, the 29-4 will not available for a while, so it’ll be 2.2" ACX on the front, with a 2.2" XR4 on the rear.

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5 Responses to Keeping up with the Joneses

  1. Father says:

    Decisions, decisions. Nothing in life is simple!

  2. SuperDave says:

    Rumor has it there will be 29-4 in a short bit

  3. rich says:

    I’ve been told end of April for the 29-4.

  4. Simon says:

    Yeah, 26th April for the 29-4

  5. rich says:

    Damn inconsiderate of them not to ship them out in time for the Lakes trip.