Punctured bicycle on a main-road desolate.

After changing the travel in the Rebas this morning, then fitting new tyres, I decided it was time to take the 69er 3×9 for a spin. I initially headed up along Linear Way to see what’s going on with the Two Tunnels work, the answer is not a lot really. Picking up the usual route I headed up and into the woods, through the Uni, down into Bathampton, then back along the main road. About a mile from home the rear tyre went flat necessitating a repair or walk decision. 20 minutes later I finished the walked back into my road a home for a beer.

I was suffering from lower back ache every time I stepped off the bike, possibly from the Camelbak I was wearing, time to investigate Wingnut bags.

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  1. mattmagic says:

    there’s also the option of Ergon, but they hang on the waist, which I reckon is probably going to hurt / annoy most people.