Rockshox Reba travel change

This won’t be of interest to many people, but it’ll be useful to me next time I need to do this.

  • Remove front wheel and brake caliper. Protect from any oil which may escape (I wrapped the caliper in a plastic bag).
  • Let air out of both chambers, then remove valve cores
  • Remove 10mm nut from bottom of left leg. You’ll probably need to start with a spanner before moving to a long 10mm socket as there isn’t much clearance.
  • Remove top cap from left leg with 24mm socket.
  • Keeping fork compressed (use zip-ties or similar) push the piston rod up from the bottom of the fork. This’ll need freeing with a tap from a hammer, then pushing thorough with a 5mm allen key or similar. Stop when the air piston pops out of the top of the fork.
  • Remove or add spacer as appropriate.
  • Push air piston back into fork until piston rod appears out of the bottom of the fork.
  • Add 10ml fork oil to bottom of fork and replace valve core.
  • Replace 10mm nut on piston rod and tighten until snug.
  • Add 5ml fork oil to top of fork, replace top cap and valve core.
  • Remove any zip-ties etc. used to keep fork compressed.
  • Pump air back into forks, 160+/150- psi ish.
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2 Responses to Rockshox Reba travel change

  1. mattmagic says:

    is this on the erm……. geared 69er?
    100 is the most i’d have on a 29 wheel, i bet it ride super sharp now.

    let me know in October when you next ride it ;)

  2. rich says:

    Yup, the geared 69er, prepping it for a week away. Changed forks from 80mm to 100mm.