Levellers – Komedia, Bath

You can tell when you spend too much time at gigs when, on your way out of the venue, the security guard on the door spots you and proclaims "bloody hell, you spend more time here than I do".

A fantastic night from the Levellers, a bit of a different set than I’m used to, they played a fair few songs I didn’t recognise, and left out some of the obvious classics. Shame about the slight cock-up at the end of "Devil Went Down to Georgia" though.

Paintball’s Coming Home

We had a fantastic day out yesterday paintballing at Hamburger Hill. Unlike our last attempt at a visit, we all arrived in one piece this time.

We did a full-day session, playing around 13 games in total and getting though about 850 rounds of ammo each. Our team wasn’t entirely successful, losing most of the games mainly due to a lack of bravado. I blamed it on us having too many middle-management types. We were thinkers, not cannon fodder.

I’m now aching all over, and covered in paintball-sized bruises after a slightly ill-advised suicide walk during the last game. I can’t wait to do it again.

Lifeless legs

My legs hadn’t really gone on strike today, so Sandy and I headed out on the planned off-road ride which on reflection proved to be a bit of a bad move. My legs were totally lifeless, and the climb out of the valley proved something of a struggle. Even on the flat bits it was almost impossible to maintain any sort of speed. To be honest, going from hardly any riding at all to 4 rides in 5 days was probably a step too far, but I have done about 20% of this years miles in the last 7 days.

I think I’ll forego a ride tomorrow and give my legs a rest.

Hilly miles and tired legs.

Despite suffering from tired legs all day today, the lure of the sunshine was too much and tempted me away from my intended evening of rest. I managed to drag an equally tired Sandy out with me for company, and once aboard the Singular Peregrine we headed out along the cycle track to Saltford before climbing a few hills on the way to Wilmington and back home through Twerton. 15 fairly hilly miles were despatched in 85 minutes or so at a reasonably leisurely pace, the steep climb towards Wilmington almost defeated me, but determination saw me reach the top before my lungs made a break for freedom.

There’s an off-road ride planned for tomorrow night provided my legs haven’t gone on strike by then.

In Dust we Trust

I headed out this afternoon on the Hemlock accompanied by Al, we rode pretty much the same route as Friday and the trails were even dustier, and there was even more totty out and about to improve the view. Back home after a heavenly 13 miles for a well earned cold beer and a shower. No photos today as I was enjoying it too much to stop and get the camera out.

Before leaving I raised the stem another 10mm, and I think it’s improved the handling of the bike off-road by shifting my weight back slightly.

Show of Hands hate me

7/2/10 – Phil Beer, Fiddlers, Bristol. Cancelled the day before.
18/3/10 – Phil Beer, The Tunnels, Bristol. Cancelled on the day.
17/4/10 – Show of Hands, Fiddlers, Bristol. Just been cancelled.

I give up, I really do.