Cotic HemlockCreaklots

After a frankly pathetic amount of riding in the Lakes over Easter, more of which later, I took the Hemlock out for it’s first proper local ride this afternoon. I was joined for most of the ride by Al on his new Genesis Altitude 00 complete with SPDs, consequently he spent a large proportion of the ride failing to unclip and therefore falling off, including at one point attempting to kill me by nearly pushing me into a main road after randomly stopping during a climb.


The Hemlock quickly became christened the Cotic Creaklots due to the horrendous noise emanating from one or more of the pivots. Fortunately things calmed down mid-way round the loop, either that or I lost most of my hearing.

With an 80mm stem fitted to replace the 100mm I’d previously been running the bike feels superb. With the fork locked out and Pro-pedal switched on on the shock, it feels almost hardtail-like, yet with everything opened up it’s supremely comfortable. I could get used to this full-suspension lark.

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2 Responses to Cotic HemlockCreaklots

  1. Simon says:

    Maybe it’s you creaking?

  2. rich says:

    It’s a possibility. I’ll liberally douse myself with GT85 before the next ride.