Hilly miles and tired legs.

Despite suffering from tired legs all day today, the lure of the sunshine was too much and tempted me away from my intended evening of rest. I managed to drag an equally tired Sandy out with me for company, and once aboard the Singular Peregrine we headed out along the cycle track to Saltford before climbing a few hills on the way to Wilmington and back home through Twerton. 15 fairly hilly miles were despatched in 85 minutes or so at a reasonably leisurely pace, the steep climb towards Wilmington almost defeated me, but determination saw me reach the top before my lungs made a break for freedom.

There’s an off-road ride planned for tomorrow night provided my legs haven’t gone on strike by then.

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  1. Father says:

    Hoorah, bravo! That’s what we need. More Watneys Red Barrel.