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#212 – Magnolia

I hated this film the first time I watched, lets see if it’s any better second time round. 67/250

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#62 – Requiem for a Dream

Yet another film I forgot to cross of the list when I watched it. A good film, but I’m not sure it’s worthy of such a high placing. Not high on my list for a repeat viewing. 66/250

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#13 – Star Wars: A New Hope

Yet another one I forgot to add. I actually watched a bootleg edit called Star Wars: A New Hope Revisited which fixes a lot of little errors and redoes some of the special effects. 65/250

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#107 – Back to the Future

Or more accurately back to the past. I actually watched this in January but forgot to add it at the time. 64/250

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Crap ride

I had big hopes for this evening. I was going to get home just after 4, wrap Ethan’s birthday present, drop that off at my parents, then head on out on a 20ish mile hilly loop south-westish of Bath. 5pm … Continue reading

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Nice tits

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Iron Man 2


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The derelict Herman Miller building off the Lower Bristol Road in Bath.

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Secret Singletrack

Taking full advantage of a day off work and the nice weather I headed out on the Hemlock for a spin round a route I’ve not ridden for a few years. There’s a fairly hefty climb at the start, but … Continue reading

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Weekend riding

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