Martin Carthy, Speigeltent – Bath Fringe Festival

A rather eclectic venue for the gig tonight, a Spiegeltent on the Rec. It’s a big tent fleshed out with stained-glass windows, mirrors everywhere, and wooden seating booths around the edge. The latter were slightly uncomfortable, particularly for those of a lesser stature who’s legs wouldn’t reach the ground when sat on the bench seating.

Support came from Emily Portman, followed by Jim Causley, both of whom I’ve already seen performing alongside Martin Carthy as part of the Frost and Fire tour comprising Waterson:Carthy and The Devil’s Interval. Both acts were very proficient, Jim Causley being slightly more to my taste with 45 minutes of music, anecdotes, and finishing off with a silly story.

Martin Carthy eventually appeared on stage about 10:30 and did a 70-minute set, which at times was slightly difficult to listen to, one song in particular having a particularly random cadence, almost as if the words didn’t actually fit the tune being played. Other than that he was very good, seamlessly segueing from retuning into a new song.

We eventually left the venue around 11:45 and had a very warm and pleasant walk back across town.

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1 Response to Martin Carthy, Speigeltent – Bath Fringe Festival

  1. Nicky says:

    Liked Jim, Martin was a bit too er ‘folk’ for me. Ace ‘tent’ seating aside ; )