Shuttleworth D-Day Air Display 2010

The weather forecast a few days beforehand promised heavy rain and thunder for most of the day, but nearer the time seemed to improve a bit. So having missed a trip up in May due to bad weather we decided to carry on regardless of the forecast. Arriving at Old Warden on the Sunday morning the area was blanketed with fog, making visibility somewhat minimal. As a consequence of this, and a few aircraft being a bit broken such as the Lancaster and the Dakota, the display list was reduced slightly.

After lunch the weather did improve somewhat, and the sun even made a brief appearance at times, however it wasn’t enough to allow any decent photography at any distance, so I resorted mainly to catching the planes on take-off or landing.

Hawker Tomtit

Gloster Gladiator

Towards the end dark clouds loomed and the light went completely. As the rain started to spot we packed up to walk back to the car only to be greeted by torrential rain. In the minute or two it took to walk/jog back we got absolutely drenched, and spent most of the 3 hour drive back steaming quietly in the back of the car. Despite that, we’ll no doubt be back again later in the year for another visit.

More photos: Shuttleworth D-Day Air Display, June 2010.

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  1. Mother says:

    Wonderful photos, Rich. Very impressive.