Halfords Tour Series – Kettering

The weather forecast didn’t look promising for today, I almost didn’t bother bringing a bike up with me, but I’m glad I did. We rode into Kettering mid-afternoon to give us time for a wander around first. We’d already picked out a likely spot to watch from, if there were going to be any crashes, it would be on the last corner and that’s where we wanted to be.

As we were in plenty of time we walked round the course to see what was about, and the answer was not a lot really. Halfords and Endura had stands somewhere along the start/finish line, and there were a couple of other bits dotted about, but that was it.

After a complete loop of the circuit we stopped off at a coffee shop for coffee and cake, I had to live up to my new Velocake cap.

Suitably refreshed we took up our position on the outside of the final corner and watched the camera bike rider try and get the corner dialed in, sparks were seen on several occasions as he bottomed out the exhaust on the road. The race commenced slightly late, and we were entertained with a speeding line of rides every two minutes or so. The pack stayed together for the majority of the race with a couple of breaks towards the end. I won’t give the result away, mainly because all I know is that a bloke on a bike won, and another came second. The rest followed in rapid succession.

As soon as the race was over, we retrieved the bikes from the barrier they were chained to, loaded the worlds heaviest lock back into my Wingnut bag, and rode the few miles back to the house before it got dark as neither of us had thought to bring lights.

An excellent evening out, it’ll be interesting to watch it on telly tomorrow to see everything we missed and to try and spot myself on the big screen.

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1 Response to Halfords Tour Series – Kettering

  1. Simon says:

    A bloke on a bike winning will have to do. Will miss it on TV tonight as will be at the pub celebrating dad’s birthday.