At the weekend I finally picked up an Olympus E-P1 camera with the 14-42 kit lens. I suspect Olympus are EOLing the camera at the moment as you can pick it up cheaper than the budget E-PL1 version. A play around over the weekend confirmed what I suspected, it’s a superb little camera. DSLR performance in a compact P&S sized body, the only downside is the slightly confusing menu system compared with my usual Canon bodies.

After a bit of internet shopping yesterday, a Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens arrived today to go with the E-P1, in my mind a far more sensible choice than the 17mm f2.8 offering from Olympus. The fast lens combined with in-body IS going some way to compensate for the lack of flash.

Film nightFilm Night

Now I need to find some time to give it a proper workout.

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  1. Father says:

    They look terified! What were you watching? Toy Story?