Cycle to work week – Day 1

I was up at the crack of dawn today, well 6am, to ride out to Bitton Station to help with the semi-organised ride to work week. I ended up mistiming it slightly and arrived at 07:40 for an 8am ride giving plenty of time to lounge around in the sun admiring the occasional bit of totty riding past.

There was a stunning turnout for the ride today, myself and Steve who were taking the long way in to help run the ride, and Andy who would have normally left Bitton at 07:30 but waited around for the rest of us. We had a fairly swift ride back along the track, I ended up doing 12.5 miles in around 52 minutes.

My aim is to do the ride everyday this week, we’ll see how long I manage to stick to that.

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2 Responses to Cycle to work week – Day 1

  1. Simon says:

    Excellent, you should definitely do that every day, will do wonders for your fitness :)

  2. rich says:

    The Lemond is prepped and ready for tomorrow, should make things a bit easier.