Sense of humour failure

Back in mid-May, a semi-custom Bob Jackson Vigorelli frame was ordered for me through an LBS and all was well with the world. Almost 4 weeks to the day later a beautiful frame was delivered to the shop, complete with the wrong forks. They’d supplied threaded, we’d ordered threadless. That didn’t prove to be too much of a problem as two days later a new set were being built and sprayed, and they arrived yesterday. Plans were made to collect the bike on Friday, a suitable route for the initial ride was decided on, and all was again well with the world.

That is until today, which is coincidentally the day I made the first payment for the bike.

In order to start the build process the LBS mechanic retrieved the frame from it’s packaging and started to chase out the threads in the bottom bracket shell and face it properly. When the two facing tools didn’t meet in the middle, he realised something was amiss. The drive side threads haven’t been cut straight, as soon as you screw something into the threads it sits off-centre. Not ideal for a bottom bracket on a fixed-gear bike. Apparently Bob Jackson Cycles were somewhat dismissive of the problem when contacted, and don’t seem to believe anything can be wrong, but the frame and both sets of forks are sat in a box waiting to be couriered back to Leeds tomorrow.

Hopefully they’ll see the error of their ways, or rather the error of their bottom bracket shell threads, and sort out a swift replacement. However I fear it’ll be at least another 4 weeks before I’m up and running. I’d look for an alternative, except the reason for going custom is that I couldn’t find what I wanted off the shelf, and going to any other custom frame supplier such as Mercian will take just as long if not longer.

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