Is it down to the lake I fear?

Spurred on by a week of decent commuting, a ride down to Chew Valley Lake was in order for today, the first time for just over two years. After rather too much faffing, I left the house somewhat later than planned just after 9 and headed out along the cycle track. Despite not having ridden the route for ages I only got slightly off-route once and had to loop back on myself slightly then wing it a bit to get back to where I should be. The biggest problem today was the heat, by the time I reach Saltford on the way home I was out of water, otherwise I’d have taken a longer route back and increased the mileage a bit.

In the end I did 36 miles with 1800+ ft of climbing, making it 108.5 miles for the week, more than I did in most months last year, and my longest week for nearly 4 years.

Chew Valley Lake ride
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