Silence is golden

Out for a spin on the Hemlock with Al this afternoon round a route I’d not ridden for about 7 years. Last time I rode it I crashed and knackered my arm, however since then it’s tamed itself down a bit, and what was once a rocky muddy track with 2-3′ gulleys caused by the stream is now a decent fast rocky descent.

The best part of the ride is that the Cotic Hemlock was virtually silent. All the creaking has gone, all you are left with is occasional tyre rub when climbing in a low gear, something that could be cured with a slightly narrower rear tyre.

I Click

After getting slightly annoyed with the Time Impact pedals I’ve been running on the road bike for the last few years, I have now made the swap to Time I-Clic Racer pedals.

I always had trouble clicking into the Impacts, and after changing shoes and cleats last year, had even more trouble releasing from them. Ian had been extolling the virtues of the I-Clic for a while, so as it was payday I decided to make the jump.

The pedals are superb, very easy click and release action, the only downside is that the cleat bolts are made of cheese, I stripped the head off of one of them without even trying. I should probably have gone for the I-Clic Carbon version though, they’d suit the colour of the bike better.

The long way in

Back to the extended commute to work this morning, the first for a few weeks. I was out of the door on the Bob Jackson just after 7, reached Bitton around 7:30 where I met Andy, and then rode back along the track with him to work at a far more leisurely pace. I did the 12.25 miles in 50 minutes or so, and am now sat at my desk drinking a bottle of Nuun and summoning up the enthusiasm for a day of meetings.

Back in the Saddle

After a couple of weeks without a proper ride I turned down an afternoon visit to the cinema in favour of a spin on the Bob Jackson. The plan was simple, head out along the cycle track until I’d finished off my first bottle, then turn round and come home again. I made it as far as Fishponds before my bottle of Nuun was empty, had a 10 minute break, then turned round and headed home via a quick visit to Cadence to order some completely unnecessary bling for the bike. As it was, I hardly touched my second bottle on the ride back, so could have pushed on a bit further, however it gives me something new to explore next time.

24 miles in 90-something minutes and back for a bottle of chocolate milk and a shower. Is there a better way to finish off a few days away from work?